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    • I have a Ryobi / Ridgid power tool with a problem - Can you warranty it for me?

      We can inspect your power tool, battery, and charger to determine if it may be replaced or repaired under warranty-

      HOWEVER, we must have a copy of the purchase receipt showing date of purchase of the product. If no receipt is available, we may only go by the date code or serial number.

      - You may also be able to return to the store where the unit was purchased and see if they can look up the sales receipt and print you a new copy of the original receipt. If you have a Ridgid LSA Customer Number and the tool is registered under that LSA (Lifetime Service Agreement), we will need that number to process any service claims.

      If we must go by the date code, then, as an example, if the date code on your battery is CS0926, that means it was manufactured in 2009, on the 26th week , so it should be covered by warranty until the 26th week of 2011 (for Ryobi Products under 2 year warranty)  of 26th week of 2012 (for Ridgid products under 3 year warranty)

      You can bring the tool in to our shop, or contact us using our contact form, and ship the complete tool (Battery, Tool, AND charger) to us for inspection (at your expense) - If the unit is able to be fixed under warranty and warranty claim is paid, we will ship the tool back to you at no charge, or advise you of the cost of repairs /replacement / return freight.  - In some cases it may be more cost effective to purchase a new tool, or a factory refurbished unit, than to repair or replace.

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  • But, my Ridgid tool has a lifetime warranty!

    If you believe your Ridgid power tool is under a lifetime warranty, then you should have a document called a 'Lifetime Service Agreement' (LSA), or you should have a dated sales receipt as noted further on.

     - If you can produce this document and/or the LSA number, we can check and verify with the manufacturer that the unit is indeed under Lifetime Service Agreement. 

    However, if you do not have the LSA Document, or the LSA number, then we can only file claims under the 3-year Ridgid warranty. 

    If the store that sold it to you told you it has a lifetime warranty, They told you wrong. (Except as noted for sales between the dates explained below)  

    You have to register the tool with Ridgid, and they will assign you with an LSA number or document.

    The only Ridgid power tools that have an actual lifetime *WARRANTY* (As opposed to the LSA, which is a different thing, and not a warranty.) you need to produce the sales receipt for the tool dated between September 1, 2003 and January 31, 2004. Only RIDGID branded tools sold within that time period were covered by Lifetime Warranty - It's a technical legal distinction that they made between that and the Lifetime Service Agreement, which is a contract between you and Ridgid saying that you agree to register (and maintain registration of) each serial numbered tool (and battery, accessory, etc.) and they agree to provide no cost service replacement covering normal wear and tear or defects of the tool (And, Like the warranty they don't cover damage from misuse, abuse, neglect, etc.) 

    If you do NOT have your LSA customer ID number, though, all is not lost - we can still search the Ridgid database for the tool model and serial number and match it to the owner (if you ARE the original owner that registered it.) and if it comes up and matches, we can still provide the LSA coverage, if it meets the requirements.

    Also note that if you ever have a serialized piece of equipment (or battery, charger, accessory) replaced under the LSA Agreement, you MUST, within 90 DAYS , call in to Ridgid and RE-REGISTER that equipment with the new serial number - We CAN NOT do that for you. If you fail to do that, you lose the service coverage.

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